Our Story: 

I started this blog journey on my Snapchat, I would post pictures and videos of what my ¨blended¨ family was up to for the day and document our adventures. I thought, why not make a blog to connect with other blended families like me. I was initially a mommy of one, my 4 year old girl  Jordyn, but now I have FOUR more girls to add to my tribe. Cali and Calia are the twins, their 6 years old, and then there is Khole, shes 5 years old and Kylie, she will be 4 this year. They are each their own person, so unique and full of SASS. Whew, full of SASS! So yes, you counted right, it is SEVEN of us. 



Muva: ¨Muh-vaḧ¨ – aka Mother 

I decided to create this blog to connect with more mothers. Mothers that also have multiples or blended families like me, or just other moms in general. Melanin Muvas was created for me to share my experiences with other women, to create a safe platform to speak about the joys, the challenges, and everything that comes with being a ¨Melanin Muva¨. This blog will help present a more authentic narrative to the melanin motherhood touching on critical topics that we may not like to speak about as moms. We often struggle to find a safe environment to feel safe and vulnerable to let our hair down and remember we are not only mothers, but we are still women. 

The Journey

enaging and connecting with MUVAS

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